Learning to grow and sharing my knowledge ❤

My name is Natalie, I grew up in rural Pennsylvania. Ive always had a passion for art and crafting, as I enter my adult life, the people around me have encouraged me to share the things I create with the world. Along with art, ive also had a fascination with nature my entire life. Identifying the wildlife around the house, helping mom garden, catching frogs, finding mushrooms and so much more. I find myself feeling humbled and grateful to be living in such a lushous and green area of the world that I felt a need to expand and share it with others who may not normally see these things. At DyBeeApothecary, my goal is to gently collect what mother nature offers us to bring to all of you, and to teach and inspire others to learn more about the natural medicine and powerful materials we can find all over the world but mostly in any north eastern American back yard ❤

I recently found a love for making jewelry. Collecting gemstones and any other rock or mineral I found interesting throughout my life gave me somewhere to start. I gave wire wrapping a go since ive done other nimble hobbies before and I was hooked. I started wrapping a year ago now and the people around me, most importantly, the people who have visited my shop to purchase jewelry, have shown me the advancements ive made. In such a short time I was able to grow so much and I cant thank everyone enough for the support that has kept me going 🥺

I strive to further advance in my craft and to continue to bring natural medicine and knowledge to everyone, here's to all the good vibes ☺✌❤